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Mrs. B. Siva Kumari appointed as WOMEN’S CELL COORDINATOR
in July, 2007-2009
Office bearers meeting
 On 15th July 2009, all the girl students’ gathered in the ladies rest room to elect the office bearers for the year 2009-2010. The following are the members elected.
Inauguration of the Women’s Cell activities   (17-07-09)
The inaugural function of the Women’s Cell activities was held on 17th July 2009. Mrs.M.Ratna Bindu, Mayor of the vijayawada was invited as the chief guest and Mrs.V.Satya Sudha, Sr lecturer in Maris Stella College as the Guest of Honour.  Mrs M. Ratna Bindhu, Mayor  & Chief guest of the day inaugurated the women’s cell by lighting the lamp.
The mayor with her talk encouraged the girl students and appreciated them for their performances at every level. She explained the role of women in education, needs to protect the women from external hazards, and stressed on different types of Govt programmes established to empower the women. The guest of honour Mrs.V Satya sudha besides motivating, gave necessary suggestions to the women to be empowered. Rev .Fr. Dr. D.Showraiah, Correspondent, Rev. Fr. Dr A. Francis Xavier, Principal, Rev. Fr .Rex Angelo the vice principal of the college and Mr.Vijaya babu also the vice principal of the college wished the gathering. Mrs. B. Siva Kumari the coordinator of the women’s cell introduced the representatives of the women’s cell to the gathering. The girl students entertained the audience with cultural programs. The program came to an end with national anthem.   

Environmental Awareness Day” (22-07-09)                                                 

Women’s cell and NSS of Andhra Loyola College in association with A.P pollution control board celebrated an “Environmental awareness day” on 22nd of July 2009, in order to create awareness among the students and to remind them of their responsibilities in protecting the environment.  Rev.Fr. Stanley S.J, the Rector of the college blessed the gathering. Rev.Fr.Dr.D.Showriah S.J, the Correspondent of the college addressed the gathering. Rev.Fr. Dr.A.Francis Xavier S.J, the principal of college welcomed the guests and described the importance of the day. Rev.Fr. Rex Angelo S.J, Vice- Principal of Degree explained the role of students in the protection of mother land
In this regard the Women’s Cell conducted debate titled “The role of youth in protecting environment” to the degree students. Inter school competitions for school children were held on same theme on 17th and 18th July 2009. Nearly 100 students from different schools participated. Prizes were distributed to the students being environmental day.
On 22nd the function was organized in two sessions, Prof. A Bayappa Reddy, Member of A.P. Pollution control board, was invited as the chief guest for inaugural session, who dealt at length on the issues of environmental threats and a dwindling bio-diversity. He quoted that “The biggest threat the mankind will face in the days to come will not be from nuclear bomb or any other factor but from excessive genetic homozygosity”. Mr.Reddy said that every individual must do some soul searching as to who should be blamed for the loss of biological diversity on the surface of the earth. Later G.S Badirinath, Zonal officer, A.P.P.C.B, Mr.S.Venkateswarlu Environmental Engineer, A.P.P.C.B reminded the  role of youth in the protection of our natural resources.                       
In the  2nd  session, Mr.Uday Singh Gautham member of Jana Vignan Vedika delivered a guest lecture on “The Importance of Conservation of Bio-diversity” and diversified various reasons for pollution.
A vehicle “MANA RATHAM” was sent by A.P Pollution Control Board, Hyderabad. The concept was made clear to the people with the help of instruments.

Guest lecture (26-08-09)

The Women’ Cell of ALC had organized a guest lecture for the first year degree students in order to enrich and empower them on 26th Aug, 2009 in the Seminar Hall. This programme was started with blessings and greetings of Rev.Fr. Principal and Vice-Principal. Mrs.Tadi. Sakuntala, Former Mayor and Corporater of Vijayawada city is the Guest speaker; she touched the hearts of the students by focusing the present problems of women in the society. She explained the role of women in the development of the society, She Compared the status of the women in old days and now- a days. She passed many questions in front of the students making them realize how much strength they have to do works and in taking decisions. She spoke about women rights, women in society and dowry system. Talking about dowry system she told that the dignity of the women is degraded on our society for the sake of property, sex, money. She explained the role of women as a mother, wife, and as a daughter and daughter-in-law.
On this occasion for the first time the women’s cell of ALC invited men from outside who is working for women empowerment, he is Mr.Purnachandra Rao the secretary of Krishna district Telugu writers association. He spoke about the rights of women. He explained how the serials and movies are affecting the human lives. He told that it is the woman who brings peace to the family .from last two years onwards he is writing articles in the weekly magazine regarding women empowerment. Finally Rev. Fr. Principal presented mementos to the invited guests.     

Orientation to the P.G Students (28-08-09)

W.C of ALC had conducted an orientation programme to the P.G girl students on 28th Aug 2009 at Seminar Hall. This programme was hosted by Rev.Fr. Stanley, S.J. Rector, Rev. Fr. .D Showraiah, S.J. Correspondent, Rev.Fr. Dr. A.Francis Xavier,S.J. Principal, Rev. Fr. Dr. G. Gaya Raj, S.J. Vice- Principal of P.G.
Rev. Sr. Lissy Joseph, Social activist, recipient of best social service award from Central Govt during 2008, Mother Teresa national Award in 2009 March was the guest speaker. She initiated the student minds with Women empowerment and projected as how the social status of women is deteriorating now-a days and how the lives of women have come to the rot. She delivered the strategies that she followed in empowering the women. She expressed many heart piercing examples that she came across during her 25 years of social service. She explained the steps in approaching the courts in case of many injustice be it a domestic violence or sexual harassment      or dowry related problems. She motivated the students not be become a victim by stepping back into darkness or snuggling themselves to their parents, rather than raise their hand before the culprit raises his or her hand. She has turned out to be an angel in the lives of domestic workers. She motivated all girl students and the staff.
All girl students are interacted with the sister and they clarified their doubts. This is a very useful and thought provoking programme to the girl students. Later Sr. Lissy was felicitated with all the Fathers and Women Cell members.


The Women’s Cell of Andhra Loyola College started an innovative programme in order to help to the 4th  class Women employee. All the lady staff members are readily came forward to help the women who are really in need. We collected 10,000 rupees out of which 7500/rs were contributed by lady faculty members and 2500/rs were given by Rev. Fr. Rector, who is very kind and generous in helping. This is only beginning, every year we want collect some amount for above cause.
For the amount deposited in the college account, will be given interest to the students who are studying below 10th   class who are good in studies and economically poor..


The Women’s Cell of Andhra Loyola College has organized an awareness extension programme to the girl students on the eve of World Literacy day. Students have gone to Poranki to visit GUIDE (Integrated Rural Development Organization) a social organization working for child trafficking and for HIV +ve people.
Students are encouraged to collect the unused clothes. Both staff and students collected cloths from the houses, the collected clothes and fruits are distributed to the old and positive HIV people. ALERT Coordinator Mr. Adam introduced the GUIDE members to the students.
Rev.Fr. Rex,S.J, Vice-Principal, has explained the importance of social service and service attitude to the students and also stressed that along with education student must have an integral approach to the hard realities of the socio economic conditions of the people.

Women’s Cell Coordinator and ALERT coordinator explained the importance of education, various types’ government programs especially to HIV positive patients. Madam explained role of students to eradicate this disease, educate the rural people regarding this disease. She also stressed that girls should aware of child trafficking. She also explained importance of sex education in the school level.


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