Herbarium of ALC is envisioned to become one of the most prominent Herbaria in Andhra Pradesh. Conservatories for specialized groups of plants shall be established for research and propagation. A detailed inventory of plant resources of various parts of India with specific reference to RET plants would be developed for monitoring. Bio-prospecting for human welfare would be one of the major focuses of research agenda. Advanced laboratories and instrumentation facility would help in crop improvement and herbal drug development. Useful National collabaration will strengthen scientific resources and add value to applied research programs. The Department is focused to play a key role in imparting advanced training in applied sciences in addition to the ongoing Ph.D. and M.Phil (project)courses. Short and long term courses on Systematic Botany and Molecular Taxonomy will aim to develop expertise in the much neglected field.


The Department has a mandate for promoting plant conservation, research and to augment plant resources for sustainable development in the following areas:

  • Surveying of selected plant groups including RET, maintaining living collections, field gene banks and seed banks for germplasm conservation and research.
  • Conservation and propagation of medicinal, aromatic, oil yielding and economic plants including mangroves and its research.
  • Genetic manipulation of plants through tissue culture and mutagenesis. Survey, assessment, application of microbial diversity in stress habitat. Cyto-taxonomy  study of horticultural and forestry species.
  • Landscaping, garden layout and imparting training on plant propagation and nursery technologies.

Collaboration with National institutions to promote the cause of conservation of biological diversity of plants and exchange of plant materials.


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