Botanical Garden:

For a healthy and balanced development of a Nation, wealth in the

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form of material goods is, no doubtnecessary, but a beautiful environment is also just as essential. Colourful trees and flowers play a great role in making the environment beautiful and in refreshing and refining the minds of the inhabitants.
Botanical Gardens provide an excellent medium for communication between the world of botanical science and the general public. Education programs can help the public develop greater environmental awareness by understanding the meaning and importance of ideas like conservation and sustainability. Botanical gardens are often run by universities or other scientific research organizations and they often associate herbaria with research programmes in Plant Taxonomy or some other aspects of Botanical Science

In principle, their role is to maintain documented collections of living plants for the purpose of scientific research, conservation, display and education, although this  depends on the resources RPRCavailable and the special interests pursued at each particular garden. Now a days, most botanical gardens display a mix of the themes mentioned and more. In having a strong connection with the general public, there is the opportunity to provide visitors with information relating to the environmental issues being faced at present, especially those relating to  plant conservation and sustainability.


Andhra Loyola College is known for its excellence in many areas. It has a big campus with an area of 98 acres of land. The entire campus is fully covered with a green canopy. Because of its thick vegetation, the temperature in the campus is always 3°c less when compared to external temperature in the city.The Department of Botany was started RPRCin the year 1953, and it continues to maintain its unique identity since its inception by doing all that is necessary to remain relevant. The strengths of the Department are its Interdisciplinary Lab, Herbarium - being maintained for the last 60 years, Herbal Garden with 80 different types of medicinal plants and Botanical Garden with 350 varieties of plants. The Department also has made a study of the flora of the College campus.

Conservation of plant diversity assumes greater importance when the world is facing unprecedented loss of biological diversity. The Botanic Gardens (BG) and other plants conservation centers in the world thus play a very crucial role as centers for rescue, recovery and rehabilitation of rare, endangered and extinct prone species of plants and other valuable plant genetic resources. The Dept of Botany has established a separate Botanical Garden on an area of  two acres of land . The BG of Andhra Loyola College plays an important role in education as well as a Centre for training in Horticulture, Gardening, Landscaping, ex-situ Conservation and Environmental awareness to the students and also to the public.
The main aim of developing our Botanical garden is

  • to give more knowledge in plant taxonomy with the help of living plant materials,
  • to grow all the important varieties of plants in a common area,
  • to make Biology students learn and document taxonomical classification of plants and comparative study of various plants and their uses,
  • to help the students to study the morphology and evolution of plants in a comparative manner through the collection of living plants in the garden,
  • to create awareness among the students of other Colleges, Schools and the general public about the richness of biodiversity, by permitting their visits to our College Botanical Garden.


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