Green House:

The Department of Botany was started in the year 1953, and it continues

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to maintain its unique identity since its inception by doing all that is necessary to remain up-to-date. The strengths of the Department are its Interdisciplinary Lab, Herbarium being maintained for the last 59 years. Herbal Garden with 80 different types of medicinal plants and Botanical Garden with 350 varieties of plants. In addition, the Department has made a study of the flora of our College campus.

In its journey, the Department has come out with a new venture viz. a Green House on our College premises to strengthen the conservation of Biodiversity, to promote the spirit of research in the young minds and to encourage the students towards self-employment by giving them training in nursery management and preserving the live specimens of rare endemic and endangered plants in our College. The Green House has its significance for tissue culture experiments for acclimatization process.
Greenhouse plays an important role in the conservation of endangered, endemic and ornamental plants through out the year. It also provides high levels of humidity, creating ideal environment for a variety of plants and vegetables. Greenhouse is the most practical method of achieving the objectives of protecting plants where the natural environment is modified by using sound engineering principles to achieve optimum plant growth and yield. These days, green houses are doing vigorous business all over the world and are producing mind boggling results. Today, even in India, horticulturists, farmers and researchers are interested in studying and implementing this technique to achieve the desired results.

The Core Objective of this Project is to train the students in self employment programmes like:

  • Nursery Management
  • Conservation of the endemic plants.
  • Effective use of resources


  • Germination capacity is more in Green Houses. Most seedlings need shelter from the elements at their young age and a Green House is one of the most sheltered places a plant can be in.
  • Superior quality of plants are produced because unwanted pollen grains could be controlled.
  • Effective use of various inputs like water, fertilizers, etc. is ensured.
  • Effective control of pests and diseases is possible
  • They are able to protect the plants from exposure to strong winds, rain and other elements.
  • It is also ideal for ornamental plants and flowers.
  • It serves as a storage for parent plants for the next season.
  • Self–employment for educated youth on farm could be increased.
  • Orchids are maintained easily in the green house
  • Reasonable amount of heat and water vapors to maintain the warmth and humidity could be secured within a greenhouse.
  • Propagation and experimentation with various plants as a hobby, or to develop new varieties, is possible through a Green House
  • Tender plants could get an early start.


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