Herbal Garden:Opening ALC-Herbal Garden to the Public

In a move to share the treasure of the Department of Botany, ALC to the whole world through the click of a mouse, we made an effort to use technology to project our Herbal Garden. This treasure we share will never be reduced by sharing, rather it will be enhanced. After a meticulous survey on all the available plants of our Herbal Garden, we organized them and arranged the data in an excel sheet. This information submitted to the Herbal gardens of India maintained by National organizations ICAR, NMPB & DMPAR, NEW DELHI.

The Herbal Garden of Andhra Loyola College registered under Herbal Gardens in India, Government web site developed by ICAR, NMPB & DMAPR. It is accessed through Herbal Gardens in India - ALC Fr. V. A. Mathew Herbal Garden link :


Garden name Fr. V. A . Mathew Herbal Garden

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Address Department of Botany, Andhra Loyola College, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. 
Area 30 - cents
Contact Person Dr. B. Siva Kumari
Designation Associate Professor in Botany

Establishment of Herbal Garden is a part of household landscape throughout the world since time immemorial and all such gardens are often valued for their essence and beauty. The main aim of the Herbal Garden is to preserve and promote the medicinal values of the plants which grow mostly wild, in our surroundings and whose properties are beneficial in maintaining an ecological balance between the human beings and the nature. The Herbal Garden generally comprises all the herbs with medicinal and aromatic properties. Herbal Gardens are precious raw material for medicinal remedies applied in primary health care.
Presently, medicinal and aromatic plants are becoming increasingly important for their economic value on account of growing demand for herbal products in the domestic and global markets and over 90% of the medicinal plants used by pharmaceutical industry are harvested from the wild in an unsustainable manner. As a result of destructive harvesting of medicinal plants, and loss and fragmentation of natural habitats, majority of the species are now in the red list of the International Union of Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

 Both the folk medicinal culture and the codified classical health system of medicine are getting eroded due to economic, cultural and political pressures, and not because they are in-effective. There are numerous advantages are in the establishment of Herbal Garden as ready fresh natural resources are available for medicinal ingredients. Keeping in view the importance of Herbal Garden, the  Department of Botany has developed a Herbal Garden spread over 30 cents  of land where more than 115 rare, endemic and commercially important medicinal plants brought from various regions of  India are being nurtured for cultivation and propagation( 55 varities of herbs, 25 types of shrubs, 15 types of trees and 19 varities of climbers).

 The main aim of the garden is to conserve the plants and  to educate the students about the importance of medicinal plants. Rev. Fr. V.A. Mathew, SJ Herbal Garden at ALC serves as an important tool for teaching and research of the host Department as well as for the faculty of allied sciences.

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